The Importance of Shared Purpose (Make week of 4-9)

Our class, demonstrates the core principles of shared purpose. There are plenty of implications when a group of people have the same beliefs and envisions about a certain goal or aspect that connects with equity and connected learning. First, you as a individual, are able to create a network of people where you can bounce off ideas and gain new facts about your shared purpose. This is important because it makes the individual person more educated about the shared purpose Next, it is helpful when a group of people support a similar idea because it creates a network where you can develop connections and maybe go out as a group that protests or speaks about the shared purpose to the community or public leaders.

At Temple University, I have seen plenty of rallies where people have a shared purpose. At one point, I have seen a group of Philadelphia teachers asking Temple students to sign a petition that would let Philadelphia gain local control of the schools. I noticed how committed these teachers were to their personal shared purpose and how all these teachers came together too support one idea. It is important to learn with a shared purpose because it creates networking and shared or common goals between you and your fellow comrades or classmates. As a educator, I personally have a shared belief that all my students will be successful in my class. Equity plays a big part in this because it is beneficial for me to have the same goals and beliefs in all my pupils.

F5F week of 4/2/2018!!

  1. The Current

There is a network called the Remake Learning Network. This network is meant for other educators to connect based on the ideas of STEM. I personally looked at this network and saw how a majority of Pittsburg educators post on this site. I feel like it would be nice if other teachers around the world would contribute and post pictures on how they are using Connected Learning

The Current

2) The Teaching Channel

On the teaching channel, I found a excellent video about formative assessment and how connected learning is used. The teacher puts students in groups and these students develop answers based on all their combined responses. I am personally going to use this idea in my classmate because I always wanted to find a way formative assessment can combine with connected learning.

The Teaching Channel


I found a fantastic article that connects students using technology to complete homework assignments. This would be beneficial because students can  connect with other students using a blog for example or using a google drive document. However, this might be a issue considering equity because not every student might have access to a computer or internet.


4) I looked at Katie’s website and found an excellent resource that  promotes  different academic skills. I like how these worksheets promote students to work together. This can promote student involvement and student engagement.



5) I looked at Brianna’s blog and I really enjoyed schoololgy. As a educator, you could use connected learning with your parents. I personally do something like this with my parents. I will send out a mass email to all my parents and they will respond as a community. I will personally look into this for my school because this will strengthn the parent and teacher communication.


Poem to promote Connected Learning and Equaity

I see technology at times like the evil witch or the friendly grandmom.

Children want to work together when they see that Chrome book on their desk.

Children see technology as free candy.


I see how technology makes the children smarter, or as the children say “my head is growing because of the computer”.

Computers do not see color and offer the same websites to all children.

Educators around the world!!!!

We all need to be like technology.

Which means, working together and doing whats best for that student.

Thank you technology for not discriminating.




My Interview for my app!! (Thursday Fun Thoughts) 3/26)

Three Interview Questions

  1. How should I advertise the app to the community and Philadelphia school children?

2) How could I organize this app so all ages can use and nagivate easy

3) How can I make this app more engaging to my target audience?


Interviewee 1(One of my grade group colleuges)

“I would send a email to Philadelphia principals and libraries and offer free sessions about the app and how it can benefit Philadelphia students and the community. Next, I would ask people who are older and younger what do they find chaallenging and easy when using a app on their device. Last, I would do research and see which types of text do people in the age group prefer and enjoy to read”.


Interviewee 2 (My next door neighbor)

“I would research about which schools and community members/ places are trying to incorporate technology to promote what your purpose is and then advertise your app, do your homework to make a gameplay. Next, I would reflect upon myself and see what I like and do not about popular and global apps that are popular around adults and children. Last, I would be in my target audiences shoes and imagine what ideas and text would interest them”.

Interviewee 3 (My Mom)

“I would advertise through all forms of social media and non social media like newspapers. Not everyone uses social media or uses the internet. You would need to convince people who not enjoy using apps to use this app! Look at me, I have limited experience with the cell phone. You would need to make sure each command is one step, everything is on one page, and the app offers large font. You could offer a age group for your app and make the app like a community book club. Meaning, people can comment on post about reviews of text.”

My App that benefits the community

The app which I would create; would benefit the surronunding community and children in inner city schools. The app is entitled the Books, Books, and more Books. This app would include the free downlaod of the book, books on students reading levels, and the nearest library of where the book can be rented . Last, the app would share Philadelphia students  reviews of the book. The consumer would only need to type in the books name  for a free download . The app would automatically tell the person where they can find the book at the nearest library. I created this app because the students who I have taught in the past and present in Philadelphia are not reading at home. I know this from collected data and surveys from parents. Most parents I asked are telling me that they do not have the funds to buy students literature to read for pleasure.

I believe all students should have books they can read at their homes or on computers. This app, creates equity because it gives Philadelphia children the chance to read outside the classroom and read the same amount of books as children who come from a higher socio economic status household. I also thought about the importance of connected learning when designing the app. Students will be able to work together and share reviews of the text. This will help connect students in Philadelphia from seeing students who may look similar to them reading and writing what they feel about the text.

My findings for the week of 3/19

In my classroom, I use active uses of technology by giving my students a choice on how they want to show me their knowledge for math skills and concepts. I offer students three choices:

1a) Students can make a video verbally explaining how they solved a problem.

1b) Write using Microsoft Word how the problem is solved.

1c) Use the paint application on the Chrome books to solve the problem. Students in my class have fine motor skill deficiencies so this helps them!

Below are videos that describe actives uses of technologies

2) Importance of using technology in schools

3)Classroom of the future

4)Using Active Technology

5)Active Technology in Special Education Classrooms


Technology, has made academics and education accessible and equitible  for all students. With the addition of technology, students are able to use multiple ways of researching a topic or solving a problem. Educators, are able to use the internet and applications in order to learn about their students cultures and interest. Socially, students who are identified as ELL or with a speech language disability are able to communicate with their  classmates because of technology communication. Last, technology offers extra support to children who struggle in academic areas. For example, students who struggle in reading and math in my school use researched based computer programs such as Lexia and I ready. These programs supports the teachers instruction.

In the 21st century, technology is growing in school and especially in colleges/ universities . In schools, technology is growing. Most schools are using technology with students as early as preschool. Educators are starting to make the push on using technology with students in groups. When I was in school, the teachers would use the computer and smart board to benefit whole group instruction. I also noticed that educators, principals, and professors are making the push to use technology with each subject and to develop students ability to use technology when conducting research.

In what ways are youth being college, career and community-readied?






Thursday Fun Finds!! – 5 people who inspire me week of 3/5!!

  1. My karate instructor(Sensei David) I been doing karate since I was six. I started karate because I was being bullied in school, overweight, and had no confidence in school. Sensei David told me too look in the mirror and list all the positives about myself. At the time, I was not able to list any positive things about myself. However, twelve years later, he had me do the same thing as I was earning my second degree black belt. I listed over 65 positive things about myself and the life I am living. He wanted me to believe in myself.
  2. My dad- My dad worked in a family owned  store full time 49 years. He owned a store called Penn Auto Parts. My dad did not miss a day in 42 years and would work everyday as hard as he could  to support my mom and I. My dad inspires me because he makes me understand work ethnic and how hard someone has to work to be successful.
  3. My friend- My friend overcame a cancer diagnosis. He made a personal blog of his life while he was battling cancer treatments. He never underestimated himself, and he never looked down on himself. He makes me notice how positive I should be everyday.
  4. My mom- My mom did not graduate high school personally. However, at the age of 42, she went back to school and earned her GED. My mom makes me never give up and helps me never give up and always follow my dreams.
  5. My mentor teacher- My mentor teacher is such a fantastic individual. She always goes out of her way to benefit others. She makes me learn how to become a distinguished teacher and a young adult with wonderful characteristics.

Finding Inspiring Youth( Thursday 5 Thinking)

  1. In Makers Education, we watched this video to inspire our creativity when completing a project. I personally show this video to my class when they feel stuck or can’t think of an idea. This child created a arcade out of all recycle items. As of now, millions of people visit Caine’s Arcade. Trust me this video will inspire you Caine’s Arcade
  2. When I was a student teacher, my supervisor coach would show us a video a day from Kid President. This child, wants to promote kindness and equity in children and adults. He has lots of videos on youtube. I personally showed the “How to be Awesome video on the first day of school! I really like how “Kid president” promotes positive messages to all   Kid President
  3. I just found a inspiring video on youtube. This video explains how students in a Canaidian school give back by giving bracelets to students in Africa. This is kind of like a pen pal relationship. As a educator, I need to do something like this. This helps students give back, help, and connect. The students also see how others their age are always looking out for them. Kids helping Kids
  4. I found a website that post websites that students create. This educational page list the websites that children made. Overall, the websites mostly talk about the interest the students have. As I can see all kids can create a website. I am going to talk with the technology teacher and have my students create their own website. Websites created by kids!
  5. The next video I have to share is videos of people who are serving in the USA army and reading what children wrote to them. These shows kids accountability and works on children writing skills. I did this in high school and it was one of the best experiences.  Letters to soldiers

Lack of Resources for Philadelphia Educators

Dear Future Philadelphia School Donators,

As a Philadelphia educator for two years, I only received a total of two-hundred dollars for school materials. Teachers in Philadelphia only receive one hundred dollars per year for their classrooms. Most of my students do not even bring in a pencil daily to school. I personally need to buy all the supplies for my students. On average, I am spending around four to five hundred dollars of my own money to benefit the students in my classroom. Public school educators do not even receive copy paper from the school. We are expected to buy copy paper throughout the year. I am personally using one of my two week checks to buy copy paper that last me throughout the entire school year.

I want to express the lack of resources and funds we have as Philadelphia educators. It frustrates me that I have to spend my own hard working money to fund my classroom and my students. I wanted to share if donators can send the Philadelphia School District extra money for teachers to buy resources for his or her students and classroom. It is hard when I personally have to spend my own money on classroom resources. This is because I rely on my bi- weekly check to pay off student loans and house bills.

Please Watch!!

My personal experience when buying resources with my students/classroom

Thank You for reading,


1st Grade Philadelphia Educator