My Interview for my app!! (Thursday Fun Thoughts) 3/26)

Three Interview Questions

  1. How should I advertise the app to the community and Philadelphia school children?

2) How could I organize this app so all ages can use and nagivate easy

3) How can I make this app more engaging to my target audience?


Interviewee 1(One of my grade group colleuges)

“I would send a email to Philadelphia principals and libraries and offer free sessions about the app and how it can benefit Philadelphia students and the community. Next, I would ask people who are older and younger what do they find chaallenging and easy when using a app on their device. Last, I would do research and see which types of text do people in the age group prefer and enjoy to read”.


Interviewee 2 (My next door neighbor)

“I would research about which schools and community members/ places are trying to incorporate technology to promote what your purpose is and then advertise your app, do your homework to make a gameplay. Next, I would reflect upon myself and see what I like and do not about popular and global apps that are popular around adults and children. Last, I would be in my target audiences shoes and imagine what ideas and text would interest them”.

Interviewee 3 (My Mom)

“I would advertise through all forms of social media and non social media like newspapers. Not everyone uses social media or uses the internet. You would need to convince people who not enjoy using apps to use this app! Look at me, I have limited experience with the cell phone. You would need to make sure each command is one step, everything is on one page, and the app offers large font. You could offer a age group for your app and make the app like a community book club. Meaning, people can comment on post about reviews of text.”

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