My App that benefits the community

The app which I would create; would benefit the surronunding community and children in inner city schools. The app is entitled the Books, Books, and more Books. This app would include the free downlaod of the book, books on students reading levels, and the nearest library of where the book can be rented . Last, the app would share Philadelphia students  reviews of the book. The consumer would only need to type in the books name  for a free download . The app would automatically tell the person where they can find the book at the nearest library. I created this app because the students who I have taught in the past and present in Philadelphia are not reading at home. I know this from collected data and surveys from parents. Most parents I asked are telling me that they do not have the funds to buy students literature to read for pleasure.

I believe all students should have books they can read at their homes or on computers. This app, creates equity because it gives Philadelphia children the chance to read outside the classroom and read the same amount of books as children who come from a higher socio economic status household. I also thought about the importance of connected learning when designing the app. Students will be able to work together and share reviews of the text. This will help connect students in Philadelphia from seeing students who may look similar to them reading and writing what they feel about the text.

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