My findings for the week of 3/19

In my classroom, I use active uses of technology by giving my students a choice on how they want to show me their knowledge for math skills and concepts. I offer students three choices:

1a) Students can make a video verbally explaining how they solved a problem.

1b) Write using Microsoft Word how the problem is solved.

1c) Use the paint application on the Chrome books to solve the problem. Students in my class have fine motor skill deficiencies so this helps them!

Below are videos that describe actives uses of technologies

2) Importance of using technology in schools

3)Classroom of the future

4)Using Active Technology

5)Active Technology in Special Education Classrooms


Technology, has made academics and education accessible and equitible  for all students. With the addition of technology, students are able to use multiple ways of researching a topic or solving a problem. Educators, are able to use the internet and applications in order to learn about their students cultures and interest. Socially, students who are identified as ELL or with a speech language disability are able to communicate with their  classmates because of technology communication. Last, technology offers extra support to children who struggle in academic areas. For example, students who struggle in reading and math in my school use researched based computer programs such as Lexia and I ready. These programs supports the teachers instruction.

In the 21st century, technology is growing in school and especially in colleges/ universities . In schools, technology is growing. Most schools are using technology with students as early as preschool. Educators are starting to make the push on using technology with students in groups. When I was in school, the teachers would use the computer and smart board to benefit whole group instruction. I also noticed that educators, principals, and professors are making the push to use technology with each subject and to develop students ability to use technology when conducting research.

In what ways are youth being college, career and community-readied?






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