Seeking Equity




In this “classroom”, there are multiple people in a first grade class that are learning how the read sight words. The educator is not differientating for his or her students. Meaning, he is using multi syllable words like “cabinet”. He gives students 10 seconds to read the sight words. Some students read the word easy and do not need the ten seconds. Other students need to figure out the word with knowledge of the classroom reading strategies and need the full 10 seconds. The other students in reality, cannot see the word because they have no clue what the word is or how the sight word is read.  Once sight word is read by teacher, all students can  read word. Nicole Mirra, quoted, “As teachers we need to put our theory of connected learning opportunities, they have to realize that this mode calls for a very different kind of teaching”(Mirra,2017). If this teacher thought about the interest of kids, she or he would of looked at data to see which connected learning opportunity would be most effective for the students to learn how to read the word and not memorize the sight word.

The teacher might have thought that he or she could challenge all the students. The educator, might have connected the word to what the student might see based on the pupils culture. Dewey, quote about “immediate and personal concern”, reflects the setting because the teacher in theory is only teaching a certain group of pupils and not every student in the class. The wall is built because not all students know how to read the sight words when the educator writes the word on the board. However, the wall is taken away when all students hear how to pronounce the sight word.

Social Interactions and social networks  are one of the most important aspects in reading and connected learning. Interactions, help children learn from their peers.  For example, there is a website called Hypothesis, which is “a open platform for discussuin on the web”(Zamora, 2016). The teacher and students can use hypothesis to choose or underline sight words in a text. A dailogue can form where students are figuring out reading strategies with a group of students. A question I have concerns education in general. Why do teachers not have a say regarding what works best for his or her students.? I feel as if educators do not much say on how they can improve a student academically and socially.



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